New Brake Hardware = Back to like new performance

The WBR complete disc brake hardware kits provide everything you need to perform a complete the brake job and restore the brake system back to the optimal like new operating condition.

Disc hardware can lose 50% of spring tension within 1-2 years, which can cause pads to stick, create uneven pad wear, and lead to unwanted brake noise.


Quiet Clip Technology

On some applications, the caliper abutment clips are provided with a Nitrile polymer coating to dampen or eliminate brake squeal, squeaks and groans. The Nitrile Rubber is an extremely durable compound that reduces the vibration and noise from resonating throughout the caliper. Quiet Clip Technology provides over 95% reduction of caliper bracket noise. 


The WBR Brake Hardware Kit Offers:

  • Reduced Brake Noise, comebacks and unsatisfied customers,
  • Extends the life of a brake job,
  • Improved fuel mileage, and
  • Restores brakes to like new Performance.

Why is it important to replace hardware?

Effects of Corrosion, Heat, Stress, Use

Rust and Corrosion on floating caliper slides or bushings can prevent the caliper from centering properly, which can;

  • Reduce effective braking force
  • Cause uneven pad wear, and brake noise

Rubber Bushings lose there resiliency and become flattened from the torque of the braking system which can;

  • Cause excessive caliper movement
  • Cause unwanted noise like rattles and thumps

Warranty Information: WBR provides a 24 month - 24,000 mile limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


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