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Run True™ Metallurgic-Gray Coated Brake Rotors

All World Brake Resources (WBR) brake rotors with Run-True technology are manufactured to match the exact OE fit, OE construction, and precision finishing to ensure quick and easy installation, as well as trouble-free functionality for the life of the rotor.

The Metallurgic-Gray coating is applied to all outward non-friction surfaces including in the gap between the plates covering the cooling vanes and cured through an oven drying process. The Gray coating provides an effective anti-rust protection to help maintain a clean appearance. The coating used for WBR is also similar to the OE color used by many OE car makes.

WBR Brake Rotors with Run-True™ Technology have ultra tight tolerances that provide the finest braking experience, from break in throughout the life of the rotor, reducing the chance of warping even under extreme braking temperatures. The coated brake disc provides a protective water based coating that prevents rust and corrosion, extended rotor life and improved visual appearance.

WBR Brake Rotors are manufactured to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer specification for durability, fit, and function. 

Run True™ Features and Benefits

  • High metallurgical and machining standard to improve stopping distances
  • Durable Metallurgic-Gray finish to all outward non-friction surfaces
  • Metallurgic-Gray anti-rust protection to help maintain a clean appearance
  • Non-directional finish provides smooth vibration free performance
  • Compatible with NAO, Ceramic and Semi-Met pad compounds for reduced noise
  • Designed to minimize brake fade and extend pad and rotor life
  • Produced to match OE design fitment - G 3000 gray iron
  • No need for machining prior to installation
  • TS16949 certified
  • Mill balanced

run trueAll quality WBR brake products are backed by a 24 month - 24,000 mile limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. World Brake Resources products are distributed throughout North America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Please contact our distributor for additional information or to purchase World Brake Resources products.


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